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Meet the man of many talents-PSG Tech 1960 Alumni

Meet the man of many talents
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Barnabas Tiburtius’ book of poems on a range of topics released

— Photo: S. Thanthoni

(From left) Jasper Utley, former Director of British Council, actor Anu Hasan, playwright Aysha Rau and author of the book ‘Verses from Inner Space’ Barnabas Tiburtius in Chennai on Monday. 

CHENNAI: At 66, Barnabas Tiburtius, the man named after an Apostle and a Roman Saint, keeps himself busy working for a micro finance organisation formed to alleviate poverty, managing a school, reading books for at least three hours everyday and posting something regularly on his website,

A book of poems, titled “Verses from Inner Space”, penned by this electrical engineer from Tiruchi was released in the city on Monday. “Poetry to me is like modern art. I have painted the poems with my own emotions. Those who read it will see them in a different dimension. I never qualify my writings. I didn’t pick and choose my poems for this book,” said Mr. Tiburtius.

Simple pleasures in life such as bathing in a brook, a walk along the Western Ghats, a single autumn leaf that captured his imagination; and complex things like the universe, philosophy, chasms and astral spirit have found expression in this book.

The poems, born out of deep experience and penned in clear language, shine up their meaning at the second reading if not at the first. They have been put under four headings — Inner Journey, A Journey of Dedication, Nature Journey and Global Journey.

“Though I started reading when I was just 12 with an uncle’s gift of books by Milton and Wordsworth, I started writing only in 2002 since I had been working and travelling all my life. Process and industrial control kept me busy,” said the man, who was instrumental in introducing Gate Array LSI technology in industrial alarm monitoring in Thermal and Nuclear Power stations.

He was awarded the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award in 1993 for technical contribution to the country.

But he instead chooses to talk about cosmic spirituality, simplicity, the concept of Advaita and being one with God. “I have read the Bible, Bhagavatha, Upanishads and other books and some people would consider it sacrilege being a Christian to have read such things.

But I find great truth in the Upanishads. I would say they just don’t understand my dimension.”

Noted playwright and author Aysha Rau released the book. Film actor and TV personality Anu Hasan received the first copy at a function held at the Oxford Bookstore on Haddows Road. Jasper Utley, former Director of British Council, read out a selection of verses from the book.

Ms. Anu said through the book, Mr. Tiburtius took the readers along with him on his journeys and shared his experiences through poetry.

“The Cheetah is really poetry in motion and he has captured its power, focus, single mindedness, grace and beauty in that poem.”

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